Infection Network

CHAIN Award for Excellence

About the Award

The Collaborative Healthcare-Associated Infections Network (CHAIN) represents a partnership of organizations representing providers across care settings. CHAIN coordinates across the continuum of health care delivery and supports patients, individuals, and their families to prevent harm from infections acquired in the process of care and combat antibiotic resistance. By leveraging our collective capacity and resources, integrating and aligning related initiatives, and breaking down silos and barriers to implementation of best practices, CHAIN serves as a resource to the health care community and each other.

The CHAIN Award for Excellence commends the infection prevention and antibiotic stewardship efforts of health care teams working hard to build a safer overall healthcare environment. Award winners will be recognized on September 26, at the CHAIN Fall Conference and invited to share brief presentations with their peers regarding their essential contributions to patient safety and quality of care.

We encourage health care leaders and staff from across care settings to submit nominations by completing the brief online submission below. Nominations for the award will be accepted through August 3. CHAIN members will review all nominations for key lessons learned and innovative strategies that contribute to infection prevention and antibiotic stewardship. Promising practices and findings will be shared through a variety of venues to promote learning and improve health care across the state. The nominations from the 2016 and 2017 award winners are provided below as an example. Also provided is the methodology that will be used to score nominations. Once scored, nominations from similar settings of care will be ranked to identify award winners. In 2018, CHAIN award winners will be selected from both the hospital and long term care setting; in keeping with CHAIN's commitment across the health care continuum, future awards may incorporate additional settings of care. New for the 2018 award is an offer of bonus points for award nominations which describe interventions or projects that either directly impacted or were designed to support infection prevention and/or antibiotic stewardship during transitions of care.

We look forward to recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of health care teams in reducing infections and antibiotic resistance throughout Minnesota thank you in advance for your participation!

Submitting a Nomination

The nominating process for the 2018 award is now closed. If you would like to get a jump on next year's nominations, see the instructions below.

We encourage you to draft your nomination first and then copy and paste the narrative into the nomination form.

You will be asked to provide the following:

  • Nominator Contact Information:
    • Name
    • Organization
    • Title
    • Email
    • Phone
  • Nominee Team Name (Note: Provide the name here exactly as it should appear on any award or certificate presented)
  • Nominee Organization
  • (600-word limit) Provide a brief narrative of why you are nominating this team. Describe the specific infection prevention and/or the antibiotic stewardship efforts championed and how the nominee’s actions helped to prevent infections and/or combat antibiotic resistance, contributing to a safer overall health care environment. Please address the following in your nomination:
    • The process used to identify opportunities for improvement
    • Specific changes implemented, noting any innovative strategies
    • How patients or residents and families were involved in and affected by the effort.
    • How staff and leadership were involved in and affected by the effort.
    • How the impact of the work has been demonstrated (consider both process and outcome measures)

Each of the above elements will be scored on a scale of 0-5 resulting in a total possible score of 25.

  • Bonus points (0-2 points possible) are available for nominations which describe interventions or projects that either directly impacted or were designed to support infection prevention and/or antibiotic stewardship during transitions of care. This includes a broad range of transitions, from unit transfers within a facility to transfers across settings of care.
  • You are strongly encouraged to attach a document to support your nomination. The attachment must be in PDF format, and must be no longer than two pages. Consider providing things like graphs that display data to demonstrate impact, a marketing tool used for mass education, or a picture of your team at work. Please note, additional narrative will not be considered. Only one attachment is allowed per nomination.

Strong nominations describe the full project lifecycle and specific strategies tested through the intervention, highlight how multidisciplinary staff was engaged in the project, and provide both process and outcome measures demonstrating the tangible impact of their improvement work. See the nominations from the 2016 and 2017 award winners.